Alexandre Kadijevic

The Louis de Villeray is a project by the developer, Alexandre Kadijevic. Active for the past 15 years  in the Real Estate world of Vancouver, Toronto and now Montreal, Alexandre has affiliated himself with the architectural firm LemayMichaud for this project.  Demanding and mindful in erecting a timeless building, he managed to impose to LemayMichaud a challenge which they met with flying colors.

Lemay Michaud

Since 1979, LEMAYMICHAUD combines architecture and design with boldness, creativity, innovation and authenticity. The firm enjoys an enviable reputation earned through the steadfast support for each and every one of its clients, every step of the way. For LEMAYMICHAUD, client satisfaction is a measure of quality. Through thousands of finished projects, the confidence shown towards the company has built what it is today : a team of 100 qualified professionals in architecture and design, united by a common passion: to build Dreams.